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Dear colleagues,

Indian Medical Association (IMA) is the largest and the fastest growing non-government organization (NGO) of over two and half lakhs health care providers. It spans across the country and has over 1800 branches. It attracts a variety of physicians from MBBS doctors, specialists and super specialists from urban, sub-urban and rural India and a wide age span. The primary mission of IMA is to unite the medical fraternity under one banner and ultimately advance the medical science for the betterment of the masses. Simultaneously, it seeks to safeguard the interest of the medical fraternity in this ever changing milieu of medical profession. In the light of this ever changing field, Medical Council of India (MCI) has recently recognized the importance of continuous medical education (CME). It has now become mandatory that the medical fraternity comply with the CME credit hours regulation to renew their medical registration. IMA is accredited by the MCI to grant credit hour points to doctors and has taken the onus of advancing this complex field by hosting regular conferences, CME’s which are very well received.

1. There is an increasing threat to the safety of doctors especially the young ones. Because of constant representation of these concerns by IMA to the state government of Maharashtra, there is now a law in place to protect the doctors and its establishments.
2. Similar efforts are being undertaken by the IMA at the central government also.
3. IMA is successful in motivating the Standing Committee in Delhi to summarily the NCHRH Bill (National Council for Human Resource in Health).
4. The draconian CEA (Clinical Establishment Act) was strongly opposed by IMA. IMA was successful in drafting aMaharashtra specific CEA which is both doctor and patient friendly.
5. There are stringent rules set forth for renewing licenses for nursing homes, firefighting provision rule, FDA regulations and PCPNDT Act etc. IMA is engaged with the concerned agencies in streamlining the process and create a hassle free environment for medical profession.

1) IMA is accredited by the MCI to grant credit hour points to doctors.
2) Medico-legal cell help round the clock for the members.
3) Profession Protection Scheme (PPS) (Indemnity – 10 Lakhs) at nominal fees.
4) Airing your views and grievances through BIMA (Bulletin of IMA)
Social Security Schemes popular as “Make your Nominee a Millionaire”, gives benefits to the next of kin of the deceased life member.
Guest room facilities available in IMA branches all over India at highly concessional rates (List Available at IMA office).
50% discount on rent of IMA Hall (renovated) and Lawns.
Discounts on purchases of new car and on car insurance renewals.
Membership is transferable all over India.
The MCI recommends that every graduate be a part of a recognized medical association and IMA fulfills this mission perfectly. IMA is a perfect platform for all the practitioners, particularly for young practitioners who are still learning the nuances of medicine and work of this profession. The best part is that the IMA membership is transferable to any part of India. We welcome you all to share your interest with us.

Heavy Discount on Membership fees from 5 th January 2024 to 29 th February 2024

For Single Life Membership Fees - Rs. 14,679/- (Saving Rs. 2,862/-)
For Couple Life Membership Fees - Rs. 22,010/- (Saving Rs.4,291/-)
Inclusive of spouse of existing IMA Member

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