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How To Adopt A Baby?

To experience the blissful experience of nurturing a baby, they should adopt one. To know more how to adopt a baby, turn to Problem of infertility affects 12-15% couples in India. In today’s date, all treatment possible are available in India, in spite of these, few couples never make it. They don’t have to be disheartened. They should adopt a baby and see miracle happening in their life. Nurturing a baby is blissful experience.

1. Couple should fulfill eligibility criteria
- Age < 40yr of both partners
- Financial stability
- Medical fitness of both partners

2. Couple registers with a recognized adoption agency

3. Adoption officer conduct a home study of the residence of adoption before offering the child.

4. Whenever a child is available matching the requirements of the adoptive partners the child is proposed to the family.

5. This is done after the child has been declared medically and physically fit by a Pediatrician. If the family finds the child suitable they can take custody of the child or may prefer to wait for another child.

6. After taking custody of the child legal process has to be initiated by filling papers in the court of District Judge if the couple is Hindu then the child is adopted under a Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act 1956. If the couple is non Hindu then they become guardians and not adoptive parents of the child under the Guardians and Wards Act of 1980 and for those abroad they can adopt under the local laws.

7. The legal formalities take between three to six months. During this period the couple has to provide the adoption agency with periodic reports regarding the development of the child.

8. After the completion of legal process the couple is declared as adoptive parents/guardians of the child.

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