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IMA Against Govt. Interference In MCI Functioning

IMA strongly opposes the interference of the Govt. in the Autonomy of M.C.I.

An emergency meeting of all the Presidents and Secretaries of all State Branches of IMA along with all National Office Bearers was held on Saturday on 20th August, 2005 at New Delhi. The meeting unanimously resolved as follows:

1. The medical profession of the country is deeply anguished over the Union Cabinet according its approval to the Indian Medical Council Amendment Bill 2005. The Indian Medical Association and the medical profession of the country is concerned that the proposed amendments are being pushed at the instance of the Hon’ble Union Health Minister with a motive and reason best known to him. These amendments if allowed to be brought in place, would not only destroy completely the minimum functional autonomy of the expert bodies but would also have disastrous consequences in maintaining the standard of medical education in this country.

2. The entire medical fraternity of the country deems it its responsibility to bring to the notice of the citizens of India and the leadership of India that the proposed amendments are not only undemocratic but would reflect badly on the image of the country in the eyes of the World. The amendments to an act should be proactive and keep in mind the necessities of the day. The amendments proposed are not only ill conceived, but have also ignored important aspects like including provisions for re-accreditation of doctors based on CME (Continuing Medical Education) hours. Although, the Hon’ble Union Health Minister has publically announced that this should happen and IMA has supported it, but these aspects not being included in the Act show that the basic purpose of the amendments is not to make the Act stronger but to make MCI lose its autonomy.

3. IMA’s policy statement on the proposed Indian Medical Council Amendment Bill 2005 (enclosed as annexure-1) was unanimously re-endorsed by this meeting. The meeting unanimously resolved that a nationwide movement be immediately initiated by all the 1700 local branches and 30 state branches of IMA with an aim to bring the fallacies in this Bill before the public as well as before the elected representatives of the people.

4. The meeting unanimously decided to put once again before the Hon’ble President, Hon’ble Vice President and Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and leaders of all political parties, IMA’s view point and seek their indulgence in seeing that the Bill is withdrawn.

5.The meeting expressed confidence that the leadership of the country and the leadership of all political parties to rise to the occasion to see that this shameful Bill is not passed. 6. That the National President and Hony. Secretary General be authorized to take all steps in the matter as it deem fit including launching a nationwide agitation against this Bill.

7. The meeting also resolved unanimously that if inspite of the efforts of the IMA and the medical profession, the Union Health Minister and the Govt. sill try to go forward with the proposed Bill, the IMA would be forced to take a drastic step of boycotting participation with the Govt. in all its programs and all national health activities. However, as a responsible association, the IMA, committed as it is to the cause of the citizens of the country, would continue to independently organize and implement various health programs all over the country without partnering with the Govt.

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