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Why You Need To Know Your Blood Group?

Blood contains various factors, which determine its group or type. Depending on the group, individual may or may not be compatible with that of another. While it is generally known that the blood group typing of the donor and the recipient is a must before blood transfusion, there are everyday life situations in which we need to know our blood group. Before entering the wedlock it is advisable to check the blood group and RH type.

Some ailments such as ulcers in the alimentary canal may cause internal bleeding, needing blood transfusion.

Commuting day-to-day in the increasing pace of life, is becoming more and more risky. The accident rate has increased. Whether one is driving a vehicle or traveling in it or is a pedestrian crossing the road accident is the possibility.

Your blood group/type is your own and does not change through out the life. It is a part of the identity.

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